Homemade garlic bread

Mom bought lots of garlics on the recent grocery shopping trip. So she told me to make some homemade garlic bread. Since yesterday was a public holiday, I woke up early and set myself to it.

The only ingredients you need:
1. Garlics (I used 3 whole garlics)
2. Butter
3. Wholemeal Bread (you can use white bread or whatever plain bread you have)

Here's how to do it:
1. Remove the garlic skin - I smashed the garlic a little so that it's easier to remove the skin.

2. To save time and for better garlic spread, blend the garlics without adding water (use a blender lah).

3. Spread butter on the breads and lay the breads on a pan ( i suggest using a metal rack, later I'll tell you why).

4. Spread the blended garlic on top of the butter.

5. Put into oven/microwave. I'm still experimenting on the duration needed on my microwave oven. I'm using Pizza option, and I think it will better to put it for 8 minutes. If you are using oven, you might want to try 140 degrees for 6 minutes ?? (you try and tell me)

6. When oven timer goes off, remove the pan from oven and let the bread cool. Then EAT! (you can prepare some mushroom/chicken cream soup to go with it)

TADAaa...very easy right? The reason I suggest using a metal rack instead of a metal pan is because the bread get a big soggy at the bottom due to the heat which cannot vapourise from the bottom. A metal rack will allow the bread bottom to stay dry. You can store the leftover blended garlics in a glass bottle, add in some salt and sugar to preserve it. Then store in the fridge for next use. See below for the cooked bread. The colour is a little darker than the pre-cooked picture above.


stubborn-daydreamer said...

wahh...what have u girls(u and amidrin) been doing at home these days? cooking? wahh..mouth-watering!can u hear me smacking my lips already? :smack: :smack: :shmaackkks:

firethorn said...

hahaha..currently still not too busy with work yet, so still have the mood to cook up something. I think my mom's planning to make some CNY cookies this year.

Amidrin said...

looks yummy! I like garlic bread too. Last time I tried making it using those long french bread (roti panjang). The bread is hard so it suited well.

Errmm... I think if you use an oven to bake it instead of microwave oven, the bread won't be soggy at the bottom.

nise said...

why everytime you experiment when i am not at home geh. sien sien sien.

firethorn said...

amidrin - i've done some research on the internet, they suggested to wrap it with paper towels is using microwave. can also pre-roast the garlic first, mix it with butter, spread it on the bread, and microwave it. I haven't tried that method yet though.

nise - yo...i experiment first see if it works mah. then u come back can eat the successful product instead of experiment version loh.

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