2007 Review & New Year Resolutions

Today marks the last day of 2007. I look forward to the new year, yet there's a little bit of me who wish to stay in 2007.

Looking back 2007

Year 2007 has been a good year for me. I've picked up many soft skills in my work, and extended my working network, made new friends, travelled to a f ew places, tried different things. Well, what can I say, things have zoomed past and generally it has been a great year. I remembered writing my travel wish list on the beginning of January this year. I'm going to review how far I've travelled.

1) Chiangmai
2) Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
3) Halong Bay (Vietnam) -- Visited
4) Phuket Island
5) Koh Samui -- Visited
6) Mauritius
7) Maldives
8) Hong Kong/Macau -- planned for next year
9) Tokyo (Japan)
10) Korea
11) Shanghai (China)
12) Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) -- Visited (*newly added)

3 places striked off the list. Hmm..not bad considering my meagre budget. Oh, the last one was not in my original list, I only added it in here.

2008 New Year resolutions
2008 is just a day away. I better start making some new year resolutions.

1) Start planning for my visit Hong Kong/Macau (Mar-Apr)
2) Finish reading these books (
Freakonomics, How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be) - Lets not be over ambitious here, it took me for than a month to finish the last book I read :P
3) Finish reading self help e-books (Assertivess & Networking) - my boss said I need to polish up this skill in my year end review.
4) To blog at least twice a week -- knowing my busy schedule & my laziness, I will most probably slack off my blogging schedule again.

Q2, Q3, Q4
No plans yet. I think I'll sit down and ponder on it after CNY.

My Travel Wish List (updated)
1) Chiangmai
2) Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
3) Phuket Island
4) Mauritius
5) Maldives
6) Hong Kong/Macau
7) Tokyo (Japan)
8) Korea
9) Shanghai (China)

Anyone interested to travel with me to the above places? Let me know ya.. ;-)

counting down to Y2008....7 hours & 28 mins...


Diyanazman said...

Happy New Year to ya....
muah muahhh...

stubborn-daydreamer said...

wah..so many places u wanna travel...hmm who knows if i got the time and money i'll join u, and visit tokyo again...kakakaka..

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