Smell the grass

I woke up late this morning, then I lost one of my contact lenses while putting it on. Everything seems to be in a rush because I was late.

But as I was driving along the new KL-Putrajaya highway, the road was clear, no traffic jams. The weather was lovely, everything was at peace. I winded down the car windows, and breathe in the fresh air...I could smell the freshly cut grass..and the wetness of the after shower air...aaah~~ everything seems nice.

What a lovely start to a day, all the rushing just dissappeared.


stubborn-daydreamer said...

this reminds me when i used to take the train to work in cyberjaya...the bright 8am sunshine, birds chirping while I was waiting for the ERL...waaaa~~~~

Amidrin said...

Sounds nice! I have never had this kind of feel while staying in KL my whole life.

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