Hainanese Cafe at Low Yat Plaza

I went to Low Yat last weekend, without the intention of buying any gadget. Ended up buying a wireless router, a headphone with mic, and a cd album. All these gonna cause a dent in my wallet this month. But I'm very excited and happy because I finally got wi-fi installed at home, yay! :D

So now I can surf and chat on my pda, any spot in the house. Haha..this is so cool! I kept shelving the idea of installing wi-fi at home, in the end the plan was realised through an impulse buy. tsk tsk... But I'm still problem with my work laptop connecting to wi-fi, probably some stupid security settings on it. Gotta try fixing it some day.

Before we got to the buying spree on that day, we had a quick bite at this Hainanese Cafe at the erm..it think it's the 1st or 2nd floor of Low Yat Plaza. We had almost walked past it, but the delicious roti bakar and aromatic hainanese coffee was too inviting. We sat ourselves down at high stools at the bar, which provided a good view of how the staff prepared the roti bakar and making the drinks.

We ordered a Special Hainanese Roti Bakar (RM2.50++) and Hainanese Ying Yong "Cham" drink (RM2.80++). The drink order came quickly, it's a mix of tea and coffee drink. The Roti Bakar came abit later, but it was worth the wait. The bread was soft, and a bit crispy at the sides, and slapped on with rich layer of melted butter and kaya. Yummy!

I also noticed they served other food here, they even have set lunches. I think this is a good place for a quick bite when you go shopping at Low Yat. I've also wrote about the Okonomiyaki stall at Low Yat if you crave for some Japanese fare.


Amidrin said...

Wow! You have been shopping for IT stuff lately eh? What would you be buying on your next round of shopping? Some new clothings perhaps? hehe...

firethorn said...

haha..perhaps. I've already bought 2 blouses for the new year. It's been quite awhile since you, yen & myself went shopping together for clothes or gadgets back in college. whoa..makes me feel old :P

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