It's finally ready!

Last Saturday I received a document delivered by courier service. I thought it was something I redeemed from my credit card points. But it turned out to be something better!

The studio apartment which I bought years ago is finally ready for vacant possession. Yes!!! Wait until my neck also long already :P And the new shopping centre located just opposite the road has just newly opened too.

I'm planning to get the keys next week with dad and step into the new unit. Ooh...I'm so excited! I don't plan to stay there, but it sure feels like stepping into your first house. I plan to snap some pictures of it, and post them here.


nise said...

you mean... you are visiting without me???!!!??? :sob: :sob: i want to go have a look also!!! bring me during CNY ok.

firethorn said...

of course la..wait for you to come back meh..

i take the keys first, then of course can revisit it when you are back la. oh, dad said the Cap Square shopping centre is opened already wor.

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