Makan-makan: Hakka Mee @ Pandan Indah

A business colleague of mine recently recommended me a place to eat Hakka Mee. This signboard in front of the restaurant is called "Zhang Ji Hakka Mee", or look out for "Dai Ga Sek" (literal translation = everybody eats). The place is at Pandan Indah, the row of shophouses near the Pantai Hospital. It is the same row as the Proton showroom. Or if you know Pandan Indah's Steven's Corner, this shop is at the opposite road. There's also a famous "Pan Mee" shop along the row of shophouses.

Till now, I do not know of other nice places to try out Hakka Mee. So the nearest that I know is this shop, which serves quite yummy noodles. The noodles are handmade, which makes it special. The noodle is garnished with minced chicken, served dry style ("gon lou" / no soup). And depending on what you order, it comes with pork balls too. There are many choices to choose from the menu, all using the Hakka handmade noodle - curry mee, thick noodles ("chou mien"), thin noodle ("sang yao mien"), and there's also the "shui gao" (dumplings).

The price is normal fare, RM 3.60 (small), RM4.20 (big) for a bowl of noodles. The dumplings is RM 3.50 a bowl (you get 5 dumplings). The place is quite clean too. It looks like a popular place to have lunch.

So if you happen to drop by Pandan Indah, do drop by this shop to try the Hakka mee. I'm planning to try the "Pan Mee" sometime soon...and see what's attracting people to the shop. Oh, and there's also a shop just round the corner, selling beef noodles too...hehehe...yum yum...

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jiawen said...

Hmm... I've tried that before too, recommended indirectly thru Chee Leong... it's worth to taste I must say... Btw, for those who doesn't know, u can actually buy the raw hakka mee back home and cook it at ur very own style too... : )

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