Konnyaku Jellies for Mich's dinner gathering

Last Saturday, I was busy preparing some konnyaku jellies again for the little dinner gathering at Mich's place. This time around, I remembered to snap some pictures while I was at it.

I couldn't get the usual brand from the Giant supermarket I went to. So I resorted to this brand. It costs around RM2.19 per packet.

And I got this small bucket of Nata De Coco too (about RM5.49).

Then I prepared the jelly moulds (containers). I had asked lil sis's help to put in the nata de coco cubes into the moulds while I boiled the jelly mix.

Pretty easy, I just followed the instructions on the jelly packet. I had cooked 2 packets of jelly powder. I mixed the jelly powder with sugar (I had used 4 tbsp, but it wasn't sweet enough, I supposed 6 tbsp would be better). Then slowly poured the mixture into cool water (about 1.6 litre, supposed to be 2 litre, but it seems too diluted so I changed the portion). After that, I bring the mixture to boil, slowly stirring it while it simmers.

When it seems that all powder has diluted in the water and mixed well, I turned off the heat. Then using a ceramic soup spoon, I spooned the mixture into the moulds (with the nata de coco already put in). Stir the mixture whenever appropriate to make it easier to spoon it out. The mixture is abit glue-y.

Then leave them to cool. You can popped out the jellies from the mould after about 45 mins. Chilled them in the fridge before serving.

And oh, for those who missed the dinner gathering...we enjoyed ourselves with Mich's spaghetti and grilled chicken wings, red wine and pizzas. And we had good laugh watching her wedding video together. No pictures, sorry :P

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