Wedding toast for C&M

For those who missed my wedding toast speech to C&M that day, or dunno what I blabbered about...read here...haha.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good evening to all.

I am very delighted to be here tonight to share Michelle’s & Colbert’s special day. And I just want to tell them how honoured I am today to be standing up here giving this speech.

As I look around the room/place, I look and realize what dear friends we have.
We have all gathered here tonight to celebrate the marriage of Michelle & Colbert.
And this evening is just lovely, and everyone looks great. I must say that you have chosen wisely to be here tonight. Don’t you think so? Yes?

So come, let’s give yourselves a big round of applause. (Applause)
I hope you will all have a really wonderful time tonight.

Well..This day ushers in the beginning of a wonderful new phase in the lives of this couple. Hence, I would like to reflect for a few moments on love and relationships. (pause)

mm…Perhaps the wisest thing anyone has ever said to me about marriage and love is this: love is a decision. (pause)

On the surface it sounds too simple and a bit unromantic, but if you think about it a little deeper you will realize that there is truth in these words.

You see…It’s so easy to fall in love. When a young couple first meet, the world looks rosy, neither can do any wrong, nothing can touch them.

But as you grow into your relationship and the realities of life take hold- things like mortgage, kids, joys and sufferings, general ups and downs - then you start to realize that love is a conscious decision.

Relationships take a lot of work. You have to be working at them all the time so that both of you grow together. When you hit a bump, that’s the time to stop and say “Love is a decision. I made a conscious decision to love this man or this woman - despite his or her shortcomings, and despite my not agreeing with everything he says and she does.

But….“Because I love this person, I can resolve any problem we might face.”
So, if you look at love in this way, then nothing can stop you.


Dear Colbert & Michelle,

I love you both very much, you are two very dear friends to me. I have seen you both grow as individuals and flourish as a couple. Separately you both are very special people, but together you are complete.

I’ve known Michelle since the very first day in college and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. Together, we are partners in crime. Oops..sorry, I meant to say we’ve had a very good time studying & playing together. And we still do! We had just return from a recent trip to Koh Samui together with our friends, who are also sitting here tonight.

Michelle has always said that I was the very first person she spoke to in the class.
Although I’m abit shy to admit it, Michelle, I just want you to know that I’m very proud of that, and I’ve always take that as an honour of our friendship.

Dear Colbert,
I’m glad that Michelle has chosen you. You’ve always been the “cool”man & a very patient gentleman. Yep, that are the best qualities a woman can find in a good husband.

Being one of Michelle’s closest friends, and knowing pretty well about Michelle’s strong character…mm, I think I should give you 3 very important advice. So do listen carefully & remember them. Well, perhaps the rest of the guys in the room should also pay attention.

First - Woman like silent men, they think they are listening.
Second - No man should have a secret from his wife. She will find out anyway.
And third, which I think it will serve you quite well in most occassions -
A husband's last words should always be 'OK dear, buy it'. (pause for laughter)

So I hope you’ve remembered all the three? Haha…

Colbert, as a member of Michelle’s sisterhood, now there is something I need to ask you to do. I need the both of you to stand and I need you, Colbert, to place your right hand…on top of Michelle’s.. ..

Ok, then take a moment to savour how it feels….does it feel REALLY good?
Well, treasure this moment well, because this will be the last time that you have the upper hand in this union. Haha (laughter)

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we celebrate the happiness of Michelle & Colbert.
Now kindly rise from your seat, as I would like all of us to raise our glasses and please join me in a toast to the couple.

(Pause, all rise)

The first toast - May Michelle & Colbert always sail in the same direction, sharing aspirations, hopes, dreams, laughter and co-sharing all conquests.

Second toast - To love, laughter and happily ever after.. Cheers!

And…the final toast - To Colbert & Michelle….Congratulations..!

Thank you ladies & gentlemen. Please be seated.
And thank you very much for having me here.

* The idea for this speech came from: http://www.hitched.co.uk/speeches/samples/samplespeech.aspx?Type=2&ID=1559&selection=Best

For more samples of wedding toasts speech:

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