My travel wishlist

Year end holidays have flown by, and I already had my year end holiday trip. It's the new year and I'm already looking forward to my next trip...hehehe.

So it's time to make my new travel resolutions. I shall list it out here and probably you guys can suggest me some nice local attractions to visit, or share your travel trips and experience with me...Here goes the list in no particular order of preference:
1) Chiangmai
2) Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
3) Halong Bay (Vietnam)
4) Phuket Island
5) Koh Samui
6) Mauritius
7) Maldives
8) Hong Kong/Macau
9) Tokyo (Japan)
10) Korea
11) Shanghai (China)

Hmm...I suppose this is going to take me few years to strike off each destination, not to mention burning a big hole in my pocket. hahaha...but it's a new year, and it's good to make resolutions. Does any of you already have holiday plans for the early 2007? If you need a travel partner, you know who to look for :P

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