Personalised M&Ms Chocolates as Gifts

On Xmas' eve, I received this pack of M&Ms chocolate as a Team's Year End gift. And it flew all the way from US.

Plain as it may seems, this is actually a customised gift. The colours were specificly chosen to represent the colours of the company's logo, and there was the customised message on each of the chocolate. Yeah, and it doesn't come cheap. I looked it up on the internet, and found that it costs about USD$11.99 per pack! But it's still cool and cute :-)

This is how you can order one custom print M&Ms for yourself . There are other cute packagings as well, and you could choose your favourite colours and put your custom messages. And of course it would be delivered right up to your doorstep.

And oh, this is not a sponsored post. I just thought it was a nice gift idea for season's greetings or as a door gift for any events! Of course, if you prefer something from Santa, you might want to try Santagram.

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Derek said...

I like personalized stuff as gifts... Like your idea!!

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