Kah Keong's Wedding @ 12/2/2007

Another wedding dinner attended last weekend. KK is my secondary school & college mate. Good to see he's finally married to a fine lady. This was a little gathering for us, as I met some of our ex-schoolmates who I've not seen for ages! (since I completed my Form 5, phew!). Oh, please forgive me, these photos are not really excellent quality as these were taken using my new phone with 2MP only. Oh, did I just mention "new phone"? hahaha..ok, I'll blog about my new phone next.

The couple cutting cake on the stage Group photo with the couple


Pooi Ling said...

It's wedding wedding and wedding huh? What happened to you? U have not been blogging regularly huh? Busy preparing for your wedding? :p hehe...

firethorn said...

hehehe..i went for vacation last week. that's why I was MIA mah..

yup, lots of weddings to attend. another one this coming week...phew!

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