New look for the site

Finally I took the time to revamp my blog's look. I upgraded the template so that it could have more features to play around with (which kept me busy the whole day exploring the features and deciding which to be added onto my blog).

Some of you might have saw the yellowish theme yesterday. Not something I fancy too much either, so I decided for something plain today. That makes it easier to insert contents and they sort off blended easily into the plain background. I did search for some free blog templates, but most of them have too much fancy stuff which are unnecessary, and it makes it difficult to add in my stuffs. So I dumped them!

Since the new year is just round the corner, this revamped look will hopefully bring a new feel to my blog readers. I'm thinking of putting a new poll soon. Guys, do look out for it ok? And make sure you vote lah! It will be fun to see what everyone's thinking.

1 comment:

Pooi Ling said...

Jo, is the links supposed to be located at the bottom of the first blog entry????

Happy New Year to UUUU!!!

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