Thank You My Dear Friends

I think this was the best ever birthday surprise for me. All thanks to N and my bunch of friends. Yeah, and now N call them his new "partners in crime". *roll eyes*

I must say it was a good act by all, you guys totally fooled me! I was so unsuspecting of any surprises, because I was expecting to meet up with N's friends rather than my own friends. My first reaction when I saw C & M sitting in the restaurant, was perhaps it was just coincidence. But then I look further, I saw more familiar faces...I started thinking to myself...what?? you guys meet up without even asking me?!

Then again, I didn't see any of N's friends, only then did it strike me that this was a planned surprise for me after all. Gosh, I'm so touched that my dear friends have all gathered to celebrate my birthday. Yeah, I guess you could also say my surprise look was priceless. Sheesh....so paiseh leh..

Ok, to stop myself before I go on rattling nonsense, I just want to say BIG THANKS to everyone who came, you know who you are...And also those who couldn't come but sent me their best wishes & thoughts..

C&M - thanks for calling the rest to come, buying the cake, and taking photos, and your gifts!
LY, MY, SL, CL - thanks for the lovely accessories set. *special thanks to CL who chauffeured the girls home that night.
C&Y - thanks for the bodyshop gift, I'll make sure I smell nice like a rose!

Oh, of course not forgetting to thank the "grand master" behind this plan too :P

*photos to be posted up later ya...

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