Test drive on Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya highway

Since it was a public holiday yesterday, Dad decided to try out the new Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya highway which has just recently completed, and to be officially opened in January 2008. I tagged along.

We went into the highway via the starting point at Kampung Pandan roundbout. It was easy to identify as the signages were clear & direct. Yeah, I can't afford to miss it since the construction works have brought so much inconvenience and traffic jams to that area. You may say I am one of the stakeholders haha..

The highway is opened to the public currently, and it's still FREE OF CHARGE (FOC). We asked the tol l booth operator, he said toll charges will only commence in January 2008. Though the toll rate is still undercertain and pending the announcement from you-know-who-minister (Datuk Seri Samy Vellu lah)

The drive was a breeze, there are few strategic entry and exit ramps along the highway. You can even see some of the photos taken of the highway here.

The highway connects to the existing Putrajaya/Cyberjaya - KLIA highway. So that's why you can take about 30-40 mins drive from KL to KLIA, but I doubt the toll will much cheaper than using the KL-Seremban highway route. Matapena here advises to use the toll-free Dengkil new road once you exit from the Cyberjaya/Dengkil exit, which goes to KLIA too. Personally I've heard about this road to KLIA, but have never use it though. This way you can save on the Cyberjaya-KLIA toll, which I think costs around RM3.50.

It's good to know that this highway is so near my new house! Travelling to KL is going to be breeze. You get the accessibility to the city center, yet far away to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the city suburbs. I'm going to give a try next week on my way to Cyberjaya for work.

So guys, no excuse for not visiting my new house next time when I moved in ya :P

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firethorn said...

today, i tried driving myself from Kg Pdn roundabout to my office in Cyberjaya - took 20 mins for about 32km journey!

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