My life: Working away from KL

It's amazing how relationship develops between people when you are left together in a foreign country. Just like what I'm experiencing when I work away from KL. It's our basic instincts to stick together, look out for each together, and also keep each other company. And it's always a great opportunity to build up relationship.

As a lady traveller, I tend to be cautious and restrain in most situations. To me, safety is the main concern. And a travel companion is always a must for me. Not that I can't travel alone, but it makes me feel safer with a companion, especially in a foreign and unfamiliar place.

Maybe it's a matter of costs, or maybe it's just security concern, companies will always arrange room sharing for ladies if more than one is travelling together. But it's not the same case for men travellers. Ever noticed that? Sharing room is one thing, but I guess sometimes you need some privacy after spending almost the whole day with your room mate. All's well if there's no conflict at work, but what if it was the other way round? But the whole point of it, is to get some privacy and some individual time-out after your working hours. It eases strain on working relationship too.

Anyway, having my own room is always not an option, as I always travel with a lady companion (haha...). That's when a working relationship can develop to friendship. Being in a small confined area, you tend to bump into each other more often, and there's no way you can avoid each other (unless you choose to stay in the WC :P)

Taking turns to use the toilet, ask before switching tv channels, sharing things like nailcutter and lotion, boiling water and making drinks for each other, chatting topics other than work, sharing occasional secrets and personal thoughts (i don't mean gossips ok? :P), sleeping at almost the same time, rushing each other in the mornings, reminding each other on last minute checks before stepping out the room...hmm.. i guess you get the picture. And now your realised your colleague has suddenly become your room mate and your current best buddy!

This peculiar bond will begin the first day you start travelling and everything returns to usual state after the travelling period. Is the different environment a factor to how we bond? Maybe it's just me, but colleagues who have travelled together with me, are usually one of my closest allies in work....hehehe...

Of course there would be many stories and different experiences to tell from your very own working trips. Every trip is unique and there's always a story to remember. And no matter how difficult or stressful the working trip was, you will always remember the experience.

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