My life: Working on a Sunday

Stuck in a foreign country. With not much entertainment choices to while away the weekends. Work seems like the best option. And it is the only thing that is in my mind right now. Finish it quick and get back earlier. Back to more work piling up on my inbox.

I was complaining when I needed to work on public holidays on my previous job. But still, I was back in my hometown working, not in a foreign country. Life still goes on as usual, waking up in your own bed, eating homecooked meals, and still surrounded by family and friends. And best of all, no traffic jams. I was happy eventhough I complained sometimes :P

Back to present, I have 5-days work week, but travelling has been more frequent in this present job. Nope, I'm not complaining about the travelling, it's just the extended stay that makes me a grumpy and unhappy person. Maybe another place will make the difference, but I don't want to bet on that. It's the state of mind, not the state of surroundings.

Used to envy people who go travelling on working trip. But now, I'm not so sure anymore. Of course you get to "see more things", "go different places", and it's always fresh and interesting on your first trip, but dullness sets in when visits to the same place become more frequent.

The bright side of it is easy to see, but the dark side remains dark. You gain a little, and you lose a little. Balance is always a nature of life. Priorities in life, and personal dreams, push us to reach our limits. Along the journey, hopefully we gained more than what we have sacrificed. And most importantly, not to regret when you look back in time.

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