Life: Love and be loved

Valentine's Day has just past, but is love still in the air? or is it in your heart?

adapter boy was right in saying that v-day these days have become too commercialised. You can't avoid them, it's everywhere you see or listen. Do we really need all these commercialism to remind us to love?

V-day is special indeed. This is the day I remind myself how I lucky I am to be loved by family and friends, and also be in a love relationship. Busy lives make us forget to appreciate those around us, especially those dearest to us, as we tend to take them for granted in our lives. But it doesn't mean that we have forgotten to love. Love is like a flame, it needs rekindling, not just keeping the flame burning, but glowing bright and warm.

As typical asians, we are shy to express our love out loud. Eventhough flowers, chocolates and gifts make good expressions of love, but love needs to be heard, not just be seen. You may say that actions speak louder than words, but tell me then why do the 3 magical words still melt out hearts away? Some people say it with ease, some people find it hard to speak of love. But when you feel the love inside, and speak it often, the 3 words flow with ease.

I once read, "Tell me that you love me, while I'm still able to hear it; Tell me that you love me, while I'm still able to love you back."

Time does not wait for man. The day may never come for you to speak out your love. Or your love ones may not be around to hear it anymore. So say it as often as you can, to your love ones, as time together is short. Appreciate them while they are still around, show them that you care. And you would not live to regret.

Love and be loved.

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nise said...

a few lines i copied from the net to top the ones you quoted : 爱你就是这么莫名其妙,就是这么义无返顾,我知道我不会是你今生的唯一,但你却是我一生的最爱!祝你情人节快乐 .... whoa... not bad rite... can melt the heart keekeke....

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