My life: Time to move

This is first time I'm in a company which is moving office. Not that it's anything cool, but it seems like a new experience for me. A lot of planning go into place, from packing, informing the relevant parties, when and which to move first, parking arrangements, infrastructure set up...etc. I'm quite amazed how my senior colleague manage to rack her brains doing all these planning. We even had a template letter and email signature for notifying our clients about us moving office.

My files have been packed in a paper box sitting beside my table, nicely labelled with my desk number. All is left is my stationery and lil stuff, which should be cleared by tomorrow. *must remind myself to bring a big paper bag to put all the stuf...ooh, not forgetting my money plant.

The new place is going to further, but I hope it's a good beginning for all, and a good environment to work in :P *hmm...and nearer to all the big shopping centres in the area...muahahaha....


nise said...

eh?? move office?? shift to where got big big shopping malls ah??

firethorn said...

shifting to Bandar Utama Centrepoint. So you know which shopping malls lah... :P

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