Jalan-jalan: Lang Tengah Island

When: 17-19 March
Where: Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu (between P. Perhentian & P. Redang)
Accomodation: Redang Lang Resort

Joined the trip to Lang Tengah last 2 weeks ago. Was organised by someone's in N's company. Got a good deal, so I decided to join. This was a very ad-hoc thingy. Initially couldn't make it because I was away from KL, then at the last minutes, I got back in time for this trip...phew!

We gathered at Cyberjaya on Thurs night in a cramped van and off we went...(* N, that was a really bad travel experience, couldn't get a good night's rest). Reached K. Terengganu early morning, around 6:30 am i think. Had a simple breakfast around the market area. Then proceeded to the Kuala Merang jetty to board the boat to the island. All of us in the group were too tired then, and couldn't wait to check in to our rooms to lie down!

The journey to the island took about 1 hour. Had a short briefing when we reached the resort. After lunch, we had a coral conservation workshop organised by one of the divemaster. Then we had a snorkelling trip after that. Came back to the island late noon, and had a tea break, then crashed into bed. Oh, food and beverages are free flow in the resort. You can make you own tea and have light snack anytime. Dinner was BBQ buffet style. Not too much variety, but sufficient and yummy at the least. Some of us then had simple fun playing a card game called "Ken" after dinner, and ventured along the seaside after that. And that's when we found a gecko on the sand, and a hermit crab.

Early next morning half of the group went for a short jungle trekking trip. The tracking trail started from the hill behind the resort. Took about 30 - 40 minutes to reach the rock beds by the seaside, where we could enjoy the scene of the rising sun. We had packed our breakfast in the styrofoam box, so we had breakfast up there while enjoying the breeze and the beautiful scene. Also saw the tongkat ali plant on the way up there.

Went to Marine Park in the afternoon. Lucky me to see a shark from a distance away. But unfortunately, I missed out the moray eel whom the locals said has stayed at the bottom of the jetty for a long time. We weren't aware of it, so too bad lah... I guess I would have freaked out if I did see it.

We then tried introductory diving course after that. This was where you could try to have a simple 30-mins course to diving. If you do complete the whole course, you will only pay RM100, or else it's free to try. I was hesitant but decided to give it a go at the last minute. But I had problems equalising the pressure in my ears, and had to quit halfway. I had this stupid phobia of being under the deep sea, so I was trying hard to control the my fear. But I'm glad at least I tried it. haha...silly me! probably diving is just not for me. I guess it would better to stick to National Geographic mags in my comfort zone :P Had another conservation workshop again after dinner. It was informative, and it did help me know more of the corals and fishes.

We left the island early next day, and had lunch at K. Terengganu before heading back to KL. The divemaster has said they are considering organising another trip later this year. And I'm definitely looking forward to it! Plus I get to know some new friends, who have been quite enjoyable companions throughout the trip =D


jiawen said...

umm... nice beach... u quit the discovery dive eh, how bout nix then? did he get himself certified? its fun u know... n i bet the underwater is much more prettier over there... : ) anyway, i'll b going to perhentian for my dive soon also... gegege... : D

nise said...

excuse meeee.... i think you forgot to post one picture - where's the one with your sunblock and bikini kakakaka....

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