My life: Escargots or ...?

Saw a big snail crawling up a flower pot this morning. I mean really big, a little bigger than the size of my clenched fist. Well...you don't usually see a snail of that size crawling anywhere in your garden anyway. It was oblivious to its surrounding, slowly crawling up, with its big fat body.

Am now i'm visualing that big fat snail on a dinner plate....oh, definitely not on my dinner plate! Escargots (if you prefer calling it by that funny sounding name), may be exotic to some, but I don't fancy the idea of putting one in my mouth. *yuck* *eww~*

Anyone who have tried them, tell me what does it taste like in your mouth har? Sucking some slimy creatures out from the shell...*eeeK!!*....what with the two tiny tentacles sticking out... ok, maybe the taste is good, but oh my god... I think I will rather go for the cockels ("kerang") with my favourite char kuay teow or curry laksa, or eating them the stemboat-style (the usual fatty lok-lok van found by the roadside or pasar malams) dipped in chilli sauce :P~

i know some of you gonna tell me..."hello gal! that's more gross la..., somemore you can get Hep. B one leh...you not scare meh?" Nope, that's least of my worries...make sure it's well cleaned and cooked, and it shall taste heavenly to me...muahahaha... i'm sure the kerang-lovers like me would agree ;-)

so does anyone of you tried anything weird or gross? I might not like escargots, but I'm still gamed for other food...haha...



AquaMax said...

it taste good you know... with cheese and garlic.....altough at first i feel like i am on fear factor

nise said...

no worries gal.. based on the fact that we are sisters (heehee so we have MUCH in common apart from you not loving yogurt stuff as much as i do), you won't find escargots tasting that bad. yea i agree with aquamax, THEY TASTE QUITE GOOD WITH CHEESE AND GARLIC.. YUM YUM =)

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