Sharing: An Apple & A Blog

Apple just told me she wanted to have her own blog. And I just got to visit her blog. And I laughed myself silly over her childhood stories. Never knew she had such "interesting" thoughts. But I promised her not to laugh at what she wrote.... not in front of her anyway... :P But I'm happy to have another "kaki blog", haha...

Then my sis tiba-tiba semangat aje message me to say she also wants to start her own blog. Oooh... but this "big author" has a snail's writing pace... so I don't think I'll be reading her first entry any time soon.

Oh my, this is gonna be fun.. more blogs to read. It's more fun to read blogs of others, when you know who they are :P

And to Mr. FF, i'm telling you the blog fever is raging on! muahaha...

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