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Picked up a new word from an article on the web today - necrophilia.
And guess what it means? An irresistible sexual attraction to dead bodies.
ewww....that's so gross! *vomit*

I wonder what makes the dead bodies "irresistable" in a sexual way? I thought the irresisitable part only applies to the "sumptuous food source" for the corpse bugs. *vomit again*

Ok, before you guys think I'm into something sexual or crazy....let me clear up the confusion. I like reading some of the odd news headlines from the Yahoo! News page. And I was wondering what can be so peculiar about a dinner and a movie? Sounds like a normal affair for a casual date. And OMG!...it turned out to be talking about man-eating cannibals histories and a German movie about it. (read about it here).

The fuss about it was a real-life German cannibal, (like Hannibal Lecter), was trying to legally block the movie about his morbid story. The movie has been titled "Rohtenburg" ("Butterfly -- A Grimm Love Story"), and is set to open in Germany on March 9. The interesting thing in the piece of news must have been some of the lines picked out from the movie. Read about the gruesome movie storyline there, and make your spine tingle with fear...


Forlani said...

is it a coincidence or what? when i read on ur post abt necrophelia...it stunted me....

Hav been researching (sort of) in such stuff recently...it all started from wikipedia when i dug into info abt Marilyn Manson and lead me 2 serial killer and eventually this.

Reference from wikipedia.org link here

Necrophilia according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is a paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses. The word derives from Ancient Greek: νεκρός (nekros; "corpse," or "dead") + φιλία (philia; "love").

Figuratively, the term "necrophilia" describes an inordinate desire to control another person, usually in the context of a romantic or interpersonal relationship; the accusation is that the person is so interpersonally controlling as to be better-suited to relationships with nonresponsive people.

Fortunately, such things never happened in our country (at least i havnt heard any of it so far ^^). In da state, where family problem is a norm on a daily basis.

Check out sum of da famous serial killer in da history. All of them had a sumhow distinguish yet related background.

Forlani said...

Sumthg 2 add-on =p

References abt the movie u mentioned earlier. Inspired by a true story happened in 2004 Germany.

Wikipedia.org source here

Expatica.com source here

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