My life: N for New

Finally settled in to the new office. haa~ After a week of not too productive days, and getting used to the new environment, everything seems to be in place...well, sort of.

One thing for sure, the food here is expensive. Eventhough there's a coffeeshop selling the hawkers' fare, I heard the price of the drinks are quite expensive. Imagine 60 cents for a glass of chinese tea! To date, the worst meal experience I had was at the mamak's store. First, it was so pricey for a normal mamak fare (RM3.40 for a plate of plain maggi goreng and RM1.90 for a glass of iced milo!). Secondly, it was the poor service (so slow, and the waiters don't seem to notice your waving hands, and my colleague was unlucky to encounter rude service). I swear I would never go to that shop unless unavoidable!

Food aside, I find it quite convenient to work here. The parking rates are much cheaper, banks and shops are just around the block, and petrol stations are always along the way to work...hahaha... so no more complains :P

The days have been busy for me, catching up with datelines, moving office, catching up with lost time...phew! Sorry guys, for not updating my blog. Creative juices dried up when you are too tired catching on with life.

Oh, managed to catch the "V for Vendetta" show last week. Quite an interesting movie, I found myself quite engrossed in the movie. And gosh, V was definitely very dashing when he carved his "V" sign on the wall, and playing with his blades. You guys should watch it.


rin-en said...

i'm trying to imagine how dashing is V slashing a V on the wall..ishh kinda hard la, i think i should just go watch the show. Got lengzai izzit?

nise said...

kakakaak and i downloaded a 352x240 resolution version of V movie tim...my god, i think 1000 times smaller than your cinema screen kakakak.. cos JB only got one cinema left showing the movie, and it's in TEbrau City and it's far and no more student price kekekeke.... sien liao so watch pirate version :P

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