Makan-makan: Ichiban @ Wisma MPL

Location: Ichiban Japanese Restaurant, Wisma MPL, Jln Raja Chulan
Ex-Axis colleagues
Get together, ML's belated wedding celebration, FK's new baby
Food: Limited sushi variety, loved the tempura and soba noodles. Has other Malaysian food (curry, mee, fried rice etc), with ice cream and soft drinks too. Moderately priced.
My personal rating: 2/5

Last Saturday, x-Axisians had a get-together session at Ichiban restaurant. We were supposed to have a get-together months ago, but apparently the "appointed organiser" was very busy loh... anyway, we had a fun time catching up and lapping up the buffet spread.

I was surprised to see ML's bulging tummy when she walked in! OMG, that's another good news, ML gonna be a mommy this coming March. And that got us busy guessing and laying bets on the baby's sex :P Now that 3 of our gang are married with/going to have kids, parenting topic slowly creeped into our conversation. Nevertheless, I'm happy for those who are happily married and having kids... haha...happy parenting!

Oh, btw, this time I didn't take any photos of the food. Cos..ahem..I was too hungry and was busy filling up my hungry tummy :P However, do enjoy our happy faces in these photos for those who missed the gathering....and thanks to Chris who volunteered to organise this fun gathering and all who made an effort to attend it :D


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