Makan-makan: Korean food @ Ampang Point

Location: Korean restaurant @ "little Korean village" opposite De Palma Hotel, Ampang Point (lots of Korean restaurants at this area)
When: Saturday's dinner
Who: M, C, N and I
Why: M&C belated wedding anniversary celebration (that's what M told me laa... :P)
Food choices: Korean BBQ and ala-carte food, loved the BBQ pork slices and bean paste soup!
Food rating: 3.5/5

M woke me from my afternoon slumber after coming back from my ex-colleagues gathering at Ichiban. Dunno why she suddenly has the "minat" to taste some Korean food...so where's the best place to try, of course the well-known "little Korean village" at Ampang Point loh.. so that's why we ended up there.

Anyway, as we had no idea which was the best, we randomly pick one restaurant. I forgot the restaurant though, but it was one of the shops opposite the One Ampang Avenue condos.

We ordered the BBQ pork, sweet and sour chicken, kimchi soup, bean paste soup and grilled fish. As usual, every Korean meal comes with the condiments. We enjoyed the BBQ pork thoroughly!!! The slice or pork was BBQ-ed right in front of us, then to eat it, you have to wrap it in the lettuce, put some bean paste and bite it...whoa...the taste is excellent! The pork was well marinated and even without the bean paste, it tasted good.

The chicken was so-so, though C seemed to enjoyed it alot :P The grilled fish was nothing to mention about. But the soups didn't let us down. Overall, we had a sumptious meal and a full tummy to show for it... :P~

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