My life: SL's wedding lunch @ Bandar Sg. Long

Jan-08, SL, an old school mate of mine go married. The lunch was at a Chinese restaurant at the Bandar Sg. Long clubhouse. Food wise, it was delicious, and well presented, and far better than what those posh hotels in KL are offering for their wedding dinner package. Plus it has a nice view of the golf course while you lunch.

The wedding lunch was also a gathering of sorts for all my old friends. SL was my primary school friends, and her mom was a teacher at our school. Needless to say, I saw many of my ex-teachers during the lunch. But it was a great feeling to be around old friends again and chatting about our old times, and updating each other news about oneself. And I was especially thrilled to meet one of my good friends again, CK, since I left standard six. He's the guy in white shirt without specs in the photos. And I'm definitely surprised to hear that he's an economic lecturer at one of the local college.

Well, seeing the faces of our old teachers were nonetheless interesting. We're quite amazed that most of the teachers could remember our faces, and our names! And also what we did back then...awww... But we were quite ashamed to admit that we couldn't recall some of the teachers' names.

And of course the wedding couple was splendid in their outfits, and looking like the king and queen of the day. They look blissful and evidently enjoying their moment. All the best to the new couple, and may they live happily ever after :)


AquaMax said...

When I saw this on my RSS feed i tot is Siew Lee's Wedding.

mc said...

how can Siew Lee didn't invites us for her wedding?

Anonymous said...

wow. it has been such a long time for me to c sook ling. really girl who grow up can turn 18 styles.

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