My life: Bumping into a road bully at One Utama

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, and again I'm doing last minute shopping. Ok, maybe not that very "last minute" yet, but since I will be busy travelling to Brunei again in the next 2 weeks, I guess this is "last minute" for me.

Decided to shop at One Utama yesterday since it was a public holiday. Went crazy looking for a parking space, and in the process of it, got a nasty experience with a sulky looking uncle, who had the nerve to show his middle finger at me! This driver was reversing into a space on the left, but I guessed he got a little difficulty parking into it. As he was reversing, a car on the right was leaving, and I happily thought it should be rightfully mine. How wrong was I! The sulky uncle just drove into the right parking space just when I wanted to park into it. Eventhough I put on the signal light before he decided to ditch the left parking space the last minute! I almost drove into his car!

Eventhough I don't mind taking his first choice, but I couldn't as there was already a car waiting behind and I have already drove past the space. So the sulky uncle walked out of his black Perdana, and shouting at me, and banging his fist on car. Man!!! I really hate him! And there were a few cars looking on at us as well. So I did as a lady would in such situation, totally ignore his obscene shoutings, and without batting an eyelid at him, and drove off. But deep inside my mind, I was cursing him..*evil grin (maybe an unfortunate little tyre puncture for him would suffice to cause any damage..hehehe) But I'm glad that I'd N was sitting beside me during that ugly scene (Thanks! :D).

I couldn't get the whole experience out of my mind since it happened. But hopefully by blogging it down, I get throw it to the wind and forget the whole incident.

Oh, anyway in the end, I did find a nice parking spot. I don't recall his exact car registration number though, but just in case you bump into this sulky uncle (he's chinese, btw), he's driving a black Perdana V6, car no. - Wxx 623.

This adds to another reason why I avoid visiting 1U, besides difficulty in finding a parking space, the big crowd and the distance... :P well, but that's just my personal judgement. Should any of you find that it's your shopping heaven, I'm not going to stop you! ;-)

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