Life: What's it like to miss someone?

What's it like to miss someone?
It's constantly in your thoughts, wherever you look, whatever you do.
You think that it will not matter,
but it creeps into your mind when you least expect it.

What's it that you miss, really?
Is it the person , the feeling you share, the touch, or something more intimate?
It's never just one thing that you miss,
'cause the experience you share with that someone,
is always a combination of everything,
and that's why the moments shared are unique in everyway.

Your mind pauses, your thoughts interrupted,
you see the face, you feel the presence,
you feel the emotion, you feel the touch,
...and the loneliness without that someone.
And that's when you miss that someone.

Your thoughts wander, your mind linger,
you hesitate, you wonder...
how is that someone doing?
what is on that someone's mind?
will the person miss you like you do?

When you miss someone so much,
in everyway possible,
it pains the heart just to think of it,
knowing you can't see face to face,
or hear the voice, or sense the touch.
The waiting is excruciating, it tests your patience,
but it's the hope and the faith, that you'll be together again someday,
that makes all the waiting bearable,
and dulls away every pain.

That's what it's like to miss someone.
Do you share the same feelings too?

1 comment:

jiawen said...

ya... i did had the same feeling sometimes... especially few months back when i was struggle on something... and believe me... you will feel the pain and it hurts too... : (

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