Jalan-jalan: Empire Hotel and Country Club @ Brunei

Last Sunday my colleauges and I went to this very nice and grand hotel near Tunku Beach in Brunei.

It's called the Empire Hotel and Country Club. It's land area is really big, it has a golf course, club house, the hotel, a theatre, and a restaurant. Everything about the building and architecture is so grand, it's fit for a king! Well, someone told me it was built by the King's bro. And many VVIPs, dignitaries and celebrities stayed there before. The cheapest room rate starts from B$500++ and the most expensive, the Emperor Suite costs around B$24,000++!! My, my, it's definitely meant for the rich and famous. And that's why we saw most the hotel guests were gweilos.

The interior of the hotel is so grand. Too bad my phone camera can't really capture the place. The pillars, flooring and walls are made from big slabs of whole marble, not the cut types that we usually use for our homes back in Malaysia. Even the restrooms are big, and marbles are of big slabs too! Imagine how costly it is. And of course they have gold trimmings here and there...well, at least the colour does look like it, I don't think it's real gold lah. The lobby itself stretches to about 4-5 levels.

I asked to see one of the hotel rooms, and you know what the receptionist told me? Haha...she said "oh, at the moment, all our rooms are fully occupied. So I can't show it to you." What a lame excuse! From the look of the number of hotel guests wandering around the hotel, it definitely can't be fully occupied.

The hotel is near the beach, it has a nice and unpolluted beach and waters. There are water sports too, like the banana boat. Oh, and in the hotel itself, the swimming pool is not your usual kind of pool. It's big, it looks more like a small lake than a pool. The pool base is covered with sand, so it's like a man made beach. I was told that many people come here just to visit. At another end of the hotel, there's a theatre, where you can match movies. It's a little deserted though, not as crowded as our very own GSCs ot TGVs.

Visit the hotel's website to have a clearer view of the hotel.

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