New Year trip to Malacca

1 & 2 Jan - Highlights from my recent trip to Malacca:

1. Chicken Rice Balls - this little old corner shop near the bridge was packed! but the food was worth the wait. Only sells chicken and rice balls, not variety. But the chicken slices were really tender and juicy to the bite. Not forgetting the complimenting chillies! (*Too hungry and busy eating after the morning travelling, no pix taken)
2. Big Ship -
Visited already still dunno what it's called :P anyway, it's the big ship near the Stadhuys. It's a stationary ship museum, about Malacca history. Very boring..somemore they provided a plastic bag for you to put in your shoes, as you have to take off your shoes to visit the museum! No wonder it's only RM2 for entrance fees.
3. Beca Ride - tired from the hot sun, decided to take those colourful beca rides. Not bad for a RM15 ride around the Stadhuys.
4. "Bing1 Tang2 Hu2 Lu2" - fruits like kiwi, strawberry, little plums on a stick, covered with syrup. Tied the "sa lei" (plum), it was sourish and sweet. I think I'll try strawberry next time...

5. Tried Tsing Dao beer - light taste, less gas and nice to drink too!
6. Satay celup - uncooked sticks of food, dipped into steamboat like pot filled with satay peanut gravy. The gravy was spicy! And lots more variety than your "lol-lok" stall. I think the "yau char guai" dipped in the gravy was superb, as it sucked in all the gravy :P~ (*Too hungry and busy eating after a day's walk, no pix taken)

7. Baba Laksa with Chicken - lots of santan, not too spicy, with lots of minced bunga kantan, onions, cucumbers, and parsley. (* had this in an old malacca baba & nyonya shop, has a very antique feel to it, with old photos, furnitures and everything "baba & nyonya-ish")
8. Ais Kacang Cendol with Gula Melaka - the gula melaka smells really good!

9. Overnight stay at Malacca Century Hotel - lounging near the pool in the late morning after checking out. Breezy and sunny under the shades....aaah~

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