33. Sweet & Chewy Konnyaku Jelly..mm..

Once in a while I like to practise my cooking skills in the kitchen. I was in the mini market last week, and bought a packet of konnyaku jelly powder.

This was my first time making konnyaku jelly, so I decided to go simple. No fancy stuff. Just plain jelly. Lucky thing, the powder mixture was everything-in-one. No need to add anything. Read the instructions...hehehe, sounds simple and easy. Should not be a problem for me... =P

So I used a small pot, poured in 500ml of water to boil. (* I used the mineral water bottle for measuring the water...pandai leh...)

Next, I poured in the powder mixture when the water comes to a boil. Slowly stir it while you pour.

Keep on stirring it to dissolve the mixture evenly, and to get the consistency texture (* you will notice the mixture gets a little sticky) Let it boil for 3-4 minutes.

If it's too watery, let it boil longer to "loose the water". If it's too sticky, add more water. (*use your cooking common sense)

After 3-4 minutes, I turned off the flames. I quickly poured the mixture into jelly moulds. This should be done quickly as the mixture gets cool quickly and it would stick to your pot. And you would not be able to pour it into the moulds. (* but you can reheat the mixture to "liquid-fy" it )

Let the jelly cool off and put in refridgerator to cold it. It's best served cold.

And that's how I made my first konnyaku jelly! Oh, by the way, if you want to know what flavour was it, it was kiwi-flavoured =P yum..yum...

For my next batch of jelly, I'm going to be more adventurous. hehehe...I'll add in canned cut fruits or nata-de-coco, and try out other flavours too.

Here's a little story of konnyaku jelly...

"What started out as innocuous agar-agar has evolved into colourful, mouthwatering post-meal desserts. Forget the agar-agar of ages past - bland and oh-so forgettable - and embrace these refreshing gelatin spin-offs!

A high-fibre dessert of Japanese origin, apparently eaten there as early as the sixth century, Konnyaku jelly now comes with bits of canned fruit embedded, giving it that edge over traditional jelly. They are also firmer with a chewier texture and come in an assortment of fruity flavours like lime, lychee and mango. Moulded in various decorative forms, they are cute and aesthetically appealing as well.

Konnyaku jelly is a healthy alternative for fruits and vegetables due to its source of fibre, and claims that it's cholesterol-free, low in calorie and actually absorbs fat. Highly addictive"


cYruS said...

hi....juz stopping by ur blog spot as usual once awhile....seems dat u hav started to learn to make these lovely jellies :">

coincidently....me too....made a few batch of them....belanja my colleagues cum "heng dai" makan....and also to impress sum1 ler :">

well....using fresh fruits will have much better effects then using can-cut-fruits....try strawberries....it goes well wif it....

firethorn said...

Yup, actually very simple laa...
Just follow instructions and your instincts. Don't really have to learn :P

Most of all, everyone in my family get to have a lil jelly treat!

hyatt said...

ok. michelle and me will have a dozen. t o go of course

jiawen said...

yummy yummy... so, firethorn shall make us konnyaku jelly when we have our next gathering ya... hehehe... : P

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