Makan-makan: Okonomiyaki @ LowYat Plaza

Location : Okonomiyaki at Low Yat Plaza (next to Mr Teppanyaki)
Rating : 4/5
Food type : Japanese - Okonomiyaki

There's this one stall that sells Okonomiyaki (looks like Japanese style pizza) at the lower ground floor or Low Yat Plaza (the food court level). This stall is just next to Mr Teppanyaki restaurant.

It has a very Japanese-like setup, even the workers are wearing the Japanese clothing. And they even have some Japanese magazine for your browsing pleasure.

The special thing about this place is that they cook on the hot plate. They pour a flour mixture, then put lots of vege, meat slices, shrimps, squids, tuna fish, onions, then wrapped up with egg (just like your nasi pattaya style). Then you can have the sweet sauce or mayonnaise topping. The sweet sauce is a must, as it a specially from Japan, and it blends well with the okonomiyaki. You can even buy it from the stall. If you prefer spicy, you can also add few dashes of chilli powder.

This is the second time I frequented this stall. Give it a try when you drop by Low Yat. Something different and yummy to try out. Thumbs up for this!

If you want to know more about Okonomiyaki, check out at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki

Curry chee cheong fun from the next door stallone of the okonamiyakis we ordered
The okonamiyaki stall we visited
the chefs cooking on the hot plate


Pooi Ling said...

I like to frequent this stall too.....one of my fav.dish...usually will come here on Friday for lunch...

amidrin said...

wah... looks nice. hey, by the way.... it looks like you've posted alot of food and leisure stuff at your blog. It's like watching the Travel & Leisure channel (Channel 11) at Astro. Haha... thanks for sharings. When I go places, I'll know who or where to find good tips on it.

stubborn-daydreamer said...

ohh i tried this one, I hope to try the genuine one when I'm in Osaka next time heheee..

Amidrin said...

hi... if you have some time, please share with me on what you would like to do on 08.08.08
Here's mine

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