Origami fun: X'mas Santa

The newsletter magazine on the coffee table caught my eye. It was the Christmas deco on the cover that interested me. It was a Japanese magazine, it's like Greek to me. Nevertheless, I flipped the mag. Oh, I didn't think the origami section would have interest me at all. How wrong was I! And it turned out to be something to write on for my blog.

The origami section was teaching how to fold a santa. I tried to follow the steps, oh...it wasn't too difficult at all! I hate those complex origami which I always never could comprehend, and my folded objects would normally turned out not what it was supposed to be! But gosh, this was simple. Hehe...good for dummies like me. Heck, they should name it Origami for Dummies. *hmm..wonder if the Dummies book series actually have one title on this.

Anyway, I used old "ang pows", since I wanted the red colour. Within minutes, I have two cute paper Santas. Here's my handiwork...hehehe

...if you want to try your hands at it, here's the steps. The pic is a lil small, but heck, I guess you could figure it out. The Santa is make up of 3 parts, the face, the body and the bag. Join them together when you are done...and ta-da...you have your very own paper Santa! :D

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AquaMax said...

this is too much for me.... .need to fold 4 portion.... wah...

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