Makan-makan: Pepper soup meehun

Last Christmas morning, dad was waking everyone up instead of sleeping in. I was thinking "ok...where does he intend to have our family breakfast this morning? He must have eaten something yummy..."

So we went to this restaurant at Imbi area, it's called Restoran Yok Yak (Seafood). Frankly, we've been to this restaurant numerous times before this to have their yummy Bak Kut Teh. By the way, this restaurant is at Jalan Barat, same row as the Tai Thong restaurant. It's in one of the streets behind Jalan Imbi.

This time we were trying their Pepper Soup Meehun. This dish is cooked in a claypot, the meehun used is not the usual fare we have, insteat it used the thick meehun (cantonese = cho mai fun). The meehun is cooked in the pepper soup, with pieces of chicken and some garnishing of pasrley. Dad said the chef also added some Chinese wine to enhance the flavour. The dish looked a bit plain, but it was quite tasty. And I guess if eaten on a rainy day, the bowl of steamy meehun would definitely warm up your body and tingles your tastebud with its peppery taste!

That aside, we also ordered steam fish head, yaw char kuai and Pai guat (rib bones served in bakuteh soup). And of course, a pot of hot chinese tea to wash away the stuffed and oily feeling. Well, if you don't fancy the meehun, you could always order their bakuteh. Or probably seafood (i've never tried this anyway).

Oh, by the way, this restaurant is quite popular. It can be quite packed in the mornings, especially during weekends and holidays.

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