Masak-masak: Mom's Tomato Sauce Mee

This is one of favourite dish from mom. She usually cooks it during the weekends. It is quite easy to prepare and the ingredients are easily available from the supermarket. You might be surprised that mom uses no oil for this dish. That's her way of healthy cooking.

Tomato Sauce Mee (serves 4)

4 pieces of tauhu (cut to small cubes)
1 red onion (cut)
12-15 prawns (peeled and cleaned)
1 tomato (cut to small cubes)
1 packet of yellow noodles (washed)
tomato sauce (to taste)
1 tblsp black soy sauce (kicap pekat)
1/2 cup of water
3-4 branches of sawi vegetable (optional)
a small bowl of beansprouts (taugeh)
lime (to squeeze over the noodle when served)

1. Put the tauhu and cut onions to the heated wok (no oil needed, you are "toasting" the tauhu and onions).
2. Add the tomato and prawns. Stir fry it.
3. Add noodles then pour some tomato sauce and black soy sauce to taste.
4. Add the water for a little gravy. Stir and mix.
5. Add the vegetable and beansprouts last.
6. Stir fry it for about 5-8 minutes.
7. Dish out and serve with the cut lime.

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