My 26th birthday!

17-12-05 --> My birthday!!!

Birthdays are supposed to be happy and joyful with greetings from your family and friends, celebrations and oh, of course, the surprises! (* that's the fun part). Just to share with you how I celebrated my birthday...

Close view of the yummy cake :P~
(if you are wondering, the cute yellow bear deco is not edible, it's a toy which can be put on your pen/pencil. A creative add-on from Nix ;-) )

Me cutting the birthday cake (courtesy of Nix)
Me making a wish...."big big bonu$" :P

Having dinner at the revolving restaurant at KL Tower. We had buffet dinner, they served starters, Malaysian food, limited sushi selection, and very delicious looking desserts. The waiters and waitresses were very polite and courteous. And there was a pianist who played and sang some nice songs. Though I must say the price doesn't come cheap for a "dinner aloft the city" (RM101.20++ per adult). (*very nice place to enjoy your dinner, looked like I wasn't the only birthday gal there, there were a few of them celebrating with me as well! A popular place for birthday celebrations I guess.)

Got this cute mug from mom, sis and bro. Photo of Nix's pressie will not be available though... :P

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wctan said...

Hey Jo,

Tan here ar.

That day didn't wish you happy birthday.

I forget liau. Haha. :)


By the way, I didn't know you can look so sexy.. Haha.


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