Makan-makan: Yummy cakes at Secret Recipe

27-12-05, Secret Recipe (Ampang Point) - We had a small get together for yen's birthday. It was supposed to be just me and yen had a quiet little chit chat. But then I thought it would be more fun to invite the rest of the gang along. :P So we had Michelle, Adrian, Vay and Mun Yee who came to join us that night.

We gals definitely had a fun nite chit chatting (work, make up, scuba diving, blah blah blah...). Well, you see the point of me choosing this place as the meeting point was to enjoy the cakes...yum yum...!

We decided to order a piece of cake each and put the sinful thought aside for the night. And we're busy snapping pictures away before we sink our teeth into the delicious cakes. Here's a pic of what we ordered (clockwise, from top left)...Marble Cheese, Blueberry Chees, Chocolate Banana and Mango Delight. Looks yummy rite? And they got us all sweet and stuffed for the night :D

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