44. Brunei Diary @ 29/8/05

It's finally going into the 2nd week of my 2nd trip to Brunei.
And that means I get to go home soon! =)
Boy, I miss everyone at home, I miss KL,
I miss my friends and my colleagues,
my bed, my fish, driving around in my car,
listening to radio in the mornings,
watching tv at home, eating home cook meals,
doing house chores, malaysian food,
and yes... of course I do miss that Mr. X very much indeed! =P
I just wish Thursday comes faster and I'll be on way home to KL.
Oh...that also means I don't get to celebrate National Day in Malaysia...
sob..sob... ='(
Getting bored with the food here.
Wonder where can I get more variety with reasonable price.
The menus are quite similar in every shop.
Not that I'm picky, I just wish for some new shops to have my meals.
And since I'm travelling with a Malay colleagues, seeking for those "halal" shops
have been proving a difficult task to accomplish.
So at the moment, I'm quite content with sticking to these 2 restaurants that we've been
visiting quite regularly. And a bakery (only I do the buying there). And a supermarket.
Oh, there's Gadong mall further away from my apartment where we're staying.
But can't seem to find a decent restaurant there. So we seldom go there.
But on our last visit to the place, I saw there's a night market around that area.
Thought of leaving early after work tomorrow, and visit it.
Hopefully it's there tomorrow.
Oh..man...I just remember I need to check my emails for my PM's updates.
Keep my fingers crossed...not much comments for the slides I've prepared...


mc said...

Should be Mr. N ;)
Welcome back!

firethorn said...

haha...don't get me wrong here..
Just between the two of us, Mr. X is just the acronym he prefers to use =)

thongkk said...

Joling so romantic one.e.e.e.e ar... u don't miss Mr.T meh? :P

firethorn said...

haha...i said i miss my friends mah...so I miss Mr. T also lah, it's just dat I miss Mr. X more loh...hehehe =P

mc said...

Ok lar. anyway, welcome back, have a nice date with Mr. XXX
tkk, jo ling got other "hiding" personality which we are not able to find out ;)
Am I right,Mr. X?

rin-en said...

jo ling arr... I think this sums it up - "passionate in love" *wicked grin*

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