34. Nonsense poem @ 15:20

*~ This poem is pun intended ~*
driving around in the City,
met a DGJ crossing the road,
lucky thing a Wira saw it in the nick of time,
with a Cue Stick in hand.
like a magic wand it waved,
DGJ scooted across the road,
and Pot itself into a big Hole,
and thus DGJ was saved.
* DGJ = da-gong-ji (big rooster)


Anonymous said...

Q1: What kinda DGJ izzit? somewhere between 68kg?

Q2: Why is the DGJ attracted to the cue stick? Can it play pool?

Questions questions........

firethorn said...

Hahaha...gotcha!! Eventhough you maintain your anonymity, I still can have a good guess of who you are :P

Eh...poem only mah..why you want so many details la?

A1. You think you go pasar beli ayam, want to weigh the DGJ meh?

A2. why attracted ah? use your imagination loh..I just simply writing nonsense mah :P

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