41. Pangkor Trip Day 3 @ 22/8/05

Aah...had a restful night.
Decided to lie in longer, but Nix was persistently nagging me to get up...duh~

We took a longer time to enjoy our last breakfast on the island.
Taking in the nice beach view the holiday crowd.

A stroll on the beach under the morning sun...
the seaweeds were washed ashore with the high tide.
The shore looked a bit dirty.
We covered almost the entire beach.
Towards one end of the beach, we could find lots of seashells washed ashore.
Found a unique looking shell, which we never seen before.
It has a pentagon shape, has a flower pattern (in small holes) on the shell, and it's flat and white in colour.
We collected a few shells and let the waves wash upon our toes
while enjoying the rays of the sun falling on our skin.
Chanced upon two jelly fish lying on the shore.
Took some curious looks.

12pm - Time to pack our stuff and check out.
Waited for the coach to ferry us to the jetty.
This time I dozed off during the ferry ride. Too tired I guess.

Unloaded our stuff into the car.
Took some photos at the esplanade.
Then headed to the nearest KFC for lunch. Started journey back to KL around 2pm. Followed a different route. We followed the Ipoh signs and went on the PLUS highway. Took about 1.5 hours to reach Jelapang exit. Another 2 hours drive from Ipoh to KL.

Tired we were. But smiling faces greeted us upon the door. Loaded with food and goodies we bought.

Stories to tell and share. And sweet memories to fill the days.

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