39. Pangkor Trip Day 1 @ 20/8/05

It was lovely Saturday morning when we started out..
then it started to rain throughout the whole journey to Lumut.
But it didn't dampen our spirits.
Roadsigns, turns, highways, trunk roads..after almost 4 hours drive, we arrived at Lumut safe and dry.
The jetty has been renovated to a modern esplanade, with new stalls and food stalls.
Had asam laksa & OJ for lunch on the 2nd floor of one of the nice stalls, overlooking the jetty and the crowd below.
Aah~ What a nice view...
30 mins ferry ride. Air-con was damn freezing in the ferry. Children were laughing and screaming.
Finally we landed on Pangkor Island! The weather on the island was all bright and sunny.
Perfect for a beach holiday.
The Pangkor Island Resort proved to be a nice surprise.
The resort itself was beautiful and the beach was just perfect.
The room was facing the sea, and you could even hear the sounds of the waves.
Everything's set for a relax weekend escapade.
BBQ for dinner..just the thing to stuff our hungry stomachs.
Variety of food was great, though we thought the seafood are not really fresh.
A visit to the mini mart and a few games of pool to end the night.

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