37. Rotten lunch + rude delivery guy

In a good mood for lunch. Two colleagues leaving today and we were eating at Chakri's Palace.
Don't intend to splurge, decided to go for the set lunch.
Turned out to be wrong choice.
The Fried Meehoon Thai style was totally plain like those "geng zai chao" which can be bought from the stalls.
Thumbs down.
Ice-lemon tea = OK
The dessert, Saku Piek (*what a funny name, no idea what it means in Thai) was also a big let down.
It was served in a small bowl (*mind you, it's smaller than your normal rice bowl).
It came in lukewarm thick coconut milk and some greenish sago.
Didn't look appetizing at all. Someone complained about the strong coconut smell.
I didn't expect anything fancy but it was a totally disappointing meal.
Make a mental note Chakri's will be the bottomm of my list...
The delivery man called me up after my meal. Sounded rude.
Spoiled my mood. I gathered I must be talking quite loud from my colleagues' look.
The man was asking for directions,  I thought he was supposed to be knowledgeable enought to locate the place or ask around the neighbourhood!
Never mind that, I tried to give direction as best as I could. But he couldn't care to listen, and keep on rattling on.
I don't have an inkling where he was, and how was I supposed to direct him!
Then he cut me short saying his prepaid phone is running out of credit, asked me to call back...what??? duh~!!!
(*which I definitely didn't do)
Felt so pissed off, and there was already a fire burning inside me to complain that fellow.
Back in office, he called again. This time he sounded more impatient,
telling me he''s in a hurry, he has more delivery to go.
What the heck! Look man, I'm not at fault here. He is THE delivery guy, isn't that what he's supposed to do?
I called up the customer service, and did a complain.
I was so pissed off with the delivery guy, that I felt I just had to vent it out.
First time lodging a complain, and I'm amazed how calm I was when I talked over the phone.
Felt so much better after the lady said she'll lodge the complaint to the courier company =)


hyatt said...

Chakri's Palace ?? which one ? KLCC ?

firethorn said...

the one near my office, Plaza Mont Kiara...well, probably it was lunch hour, that's why the food sucks a little :P

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