43. Brunei Diary @ 27/8/05

My sense of working days and weekends has gone haywire.
Fridays and Sundays are off days in Brunei. And Saturday is a full working day.
So here I am writing this while waiting for a meeting to start on a fine Saturday morning.
I am so looking forward to Sunday where I'll be less pressured to rush my work stuff.
Fridays are quiet in Brunei. Wonder where these people spend their time?
Less traffic on the road. The place just doesn't feel like a city, it gives the feeling of a laid-back small town.
No wonder people here has so much patience and slow pace.
They must be one of those people who have the best patience behind a driver's seat.
(* I've been driving around here, and believe me, they are generally more polite and patient than majority of KL driver's).
You can be driving slowly (because you are enjoying the city view) and the car tailing you wouldn't honk at you.
You can stop in the middle of the road to pick up someone, and those cars will still be waiting behind.
I wonder when will KL drivers be like that.

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