40. Pangkor Trip Day 2 @ 21/8/05

Woke up to another bright and sunny day. Had a nice breakfast at the terrace.

Went to book ourselves for the round island trip (RM65 per person).
Trip started out around 10am. There were another group of 5 persons with us.
Malaysian family with 3 friends from China. Good, a little more company is always merrier.

A young lad from Penang was our guide. He gave brief introduction as we stopped at few places around the Pangkor island. We stopped by the famous Pangkor Laut Resort. It was on another neighbouring island. Nope, didn't set foot on the resort. Just view it from our boat. The resort was occupying the whole island. Very nice chalets, and swimming pools. All these came with a whopping price of RM800++ per night up to USD$12,000!!

Came to a spot on the island for fish watching. No much luck. The water was a little murky due to the high tide.
Not many fishes. The spot was also rocky. We're lucky not to get any cuts or bruises. But our Chinese friends were not so lucky. Just a disappointing snorkelling trip.

Finished the trip around lunch. Took some group photos.

Freshened up ourselves and booked a taxi to the town for lunch and shopping.
We visited a chinese temple "Fu Lin Kong" on the way to town.
It was situated inside a Chinese village. This temple has many dragon motifs and a mini great way in the surrounding gardens.

Waited long (1/2 hour) for our lunch. Ordered sambal belacan kangkung, sate fish and spicy squids. Worth the waiting time, the squids were really tasty!
Went shopping for ikan sate, ikan bilis and other dried seafood stuffs at the nearby shops. Then headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

2nd day has just ended...


rin-en said...

yorrrr...!!!! woman, i'm going to pangkor the week after next!what a detail description you've given me, I can imagine what it's gonna be like when I reach there..you actually needed 4 hours to reach your destination???gosh i wonder how fast will the bus be flying on the trunk roads..I'll be headed towards Lumut on a Friday evening with my whole bunch of colleagues *grins*

mc said...

you going to pangkor too? why suddenly you all like to visit pangkor? Guess I will go to Lumut later for my wedding photos shooting(but not pangkor :P)
btw, where is the photos? why don't you post some photos?

firethorn said...

Ok, ok...the photos are with Nix. I'll upload them later when I get back to KL.

rin-en said...

wahh.. wedding photo shoot at Lumut!you must really show us the pics..yup we decided on pangkor coz that's the most luxurious place we could get for a kiamsiap budget from the tauke.. (-.-|||)

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