42. Brunei Diary @ 25/8/05

Working here has been hectic.
There are meetings everyday to plan for and attend.
More documentation and compilation and preparation to do at later part of the day.
I had hesitations whether I could cope with them before I came to Brunei.
But all turned out to be fine up till now.
And thank god, hopefully everything will continue to be smooth sailing.
There will be little challenges here and there,
but as time goes on, I have learnt to cope and manage them.
And in the process, I learnt new things and discover more about my skills.
Have never tried to lead a team in my working life before.
Eventhough it is not leading a full team currently, but I'm leading my analyst
who accompanied me during my current stay at here.
I have to plan for each day, manage my schedule and issues.
Learn to resolve problems and communicate with various people.
Be it face-to-face, or through emails, or even online chats.
Just to get the message through and pull the team together.
The whole process is fun. I guess I can pull off the act after all.
Got some nice remarks from my Proj Manager. Boosted my confidence.
And surely more motivation to do better.
Life here is boring. Wake up every morning, enjoy my breakfast (which I
don't have the luxury of doing this back in KL).
10 mins drive to the client's office. No traffic jam, thank god!
Attend meeting, do lots of talking and fast thinking on the spot.
Plan for the later half of the day and next day.
Delegate tasks to my analyst.
Have quick lunch, then back to work in the office or in the apartment.
Lots of mails to be sent and take action.
When all communications are settled, brief and update my analyst again.
Then we concentrate on our own work.
Take short breaks now and then. Stop for dinner and relax.
Continue work at night. Or rest and relax reading my e-books and listening to music CDs.
Have brought my Desperate Housewives cds, but haven't got the chance to view them yet
ever since I come to Brunei.
And the whole process repeats for the next day...


hyatt said...

Desperate Housewives cds ? i think michelle would love to borrow them. we had our 1st viewing of that show. looks cool and sexy. and i think Eva longoria is the hottest babe this month

mc said...

yes...i am going to ask those cds from you ;)

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