02. Newbie at Work

You are thrilled when you get a new job offer and you can't wait to leave your old job. Doesn't that sound all too familiar?

People have always like new things, new challenges, meet new people, learn new things, see new places...it brings excitement and anticipation. But being a newbie at work can be quite an experience. New place, new colleagues, new bosses, new routine, new rules. Everything can be oeverwhelming.

Working at a new job, you try to settle in to your office and your cubicle, trying hard to remember the new faces and names, understanding your roles and responsibilites, figuring out where to get what you need, and probably most nerve racking of all is coping with job expectations. We all want to perform our best and give the best impression. And of course we hope to sail through the probation period, which comes along with every new job, and hold on to your hard-earned $$.

Ever wonder how we cope with all these "stress"? Everyone has their very own first day at new job experiences. Those who are more sociable settle down quickly and can be quite "visible" in the new office. While some who are the quiet type, may stay Unnoticed, diligently doing their work. The rest falls in between, slowly gaining familiarity and ease at work. Whatever we do, we fall into places somehow, some time.

Generally, people warm up to those who have a pleasant personality and a friendly, smiling face. Greeting your new colleagues may be a way to start. Try hanging around the pantry to do lil chit-chat and having meals together help to foster friendship. Talk about latest happenings (*movies is a great topic!) will get the conversation rolling. There are people who like to offer food/snacks as way to start too! (*Almost everybody likes free food).

Just start talking and smiling, you are sure to hit it off with most of your new colleagues and settle in your new job! =)

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rin-en said...

This reminds me of my very own experience; being a newbie for a countable 5 times in my few years of work. Don't hope to face it too soon again..it would mean I'm job-hopping once more! *lol*

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