05. Couch Potato or Couch Slouch?

Heard this over the radio while I was driving to work and came across the article again in today's papers.

The British potato farmers were calling to remove the "couch potato" term from the Oxford English Dictionary and replacing it with "couch slouch". Apparently the "couch potato" term is harming the healthy spud's image.

What a ridiculous idea! To think that people will stay away from potatoes because of a derogatory term. And I don't see that there's any trend that points towards a decrease in potato sales. Hmmm.... wonder what's all the fuss about? Personally, the term sounds decent enough and it describes the whole thing perfectly.

The meaning of the term is well known, but ever wonder how did the term come about? It originated from an American slang. And probably potato chips was the top favourites to munch on while slouching on the couch watching the tv. What do you think? Oh, by the way, for the health concious ones, the spud is low in fat and high in vitamin C. (*and I don't mean munching on your favourite Pringles :P)

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