04. Things that couples do - Part 1

This topic just came to my mind and I thought it will sure invite some silly remarks and laughters... Nonetheless, this would be an interesting topic to write on...
Part 1

Like reading? Reading alone can be boring and monotonous. How about reading it with your other half? Sharing the same reading materials can help your relationship bonding, as both of you share the same knowledge, discuss about views on certain topics, discover things that you never knew about your other half and also provide some new conversation topics to spruce up your relationship.

To get started, just drop by any book stalls, buy a book (*personally i think a mag makes a good read, as both of you can read together). There are few ways to share your reading pleasure... and have a good time!

  1. You could head towards your favourite hang out place like Starbucks, buy a drink and do your reading. You get to enjoy your cup of drink while doing some leisure reading.
  2. If you prefer more privacy, reading together at home on your comfy couch or some bedtime reading is a great way to enjoy your "couple moments" too.
  3. Or...if you really like books, you could also hang out at the bookstore itself. Choosing interesting books to read together, laugh yourselves silly over funny articles, or sharing some interesting things you find in the books.
  4. ....it's up to your creative thinking to share your reading pleasure!

When you run out ideas where to go for movies, dinners & shopping, or you feel like having a quiet and relax time together, you may want to try out the above. Believe me, doing those lil quizzes in the mags together is real fun! You both get to know more about your partner. Another plus thing is, you would save on entertainment expenditures.

(*but if both of you are not the book-loving type, this may not be for you... do check out for the next part on this topic, and see if it suits you! )

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