08. Caught on 3D fever!

3D craze has finally caught me on! Years ago when I received those pictures of repetitive wEiRd multi coloured patterns, I couldn't figure out what were in those pictures. I squinted my eyes, looked from a distance, focus at a near distance, whatever I tried I just couldn't "see" which part of the picture was 3D. It was just elusive from me! Back then, whenever I get those forwarded mails with 3D in the subject, I just press the Delete key and straight they went to my trash.
But finally when sis forwarded me a series of 3D pictures lately, I asked Nix to bring me into the world of 3D. He taught me one of the techniques to view the pictures. I tried to focus at one point, squinted my eyes, view it at a very near distance till it almost touched my nose...the picture was blur right...but no 3D yet! Impatient as always, I was eager and anxious to see the magic with my own eyes. Nix wasn't much help thereafter, trying hard to help me see the magic and didn't spare the opportunity to tease me. I tried a few more times but to no avail.
The next day, all alone this time, I tried again. This time the picture became blurry and suddenly, the magic just appeared before my very own eyes! I saw my very first 3D picture - a birthday cake with three candles on it. And I was hooked instantly. I was immersing myself in this new found interest and the wonderful world of 3D. I was looking at those pictures like I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life! I was so happy and excited that I sent an SMS right away to Nix, and I was a like a little girl again rambling non-stop for few minutes to tell him what I saw.
I was so eager to see more of those pictures and also to polish my viewing skills. I search for more of those pictures on the Internet. And I was happy to find many resources to this craze.
It still amazes me how did we come up with such an idea to produce 3D pictures and how our eyes can be tricked into seeing 3D. But I am sure I will not delete those 3D mail forwards again! Check out some of the 3D pictures here for yourself!
Some links:
Magic Eye - 3D pictures for your viewing pleasure
Optometrist Network - how to see 3D

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