07. IBM Workplace Briefing at Sunway

I haven't been attending briefings and seminars for the past one year. And this morning I attended IBM Workplace Briefing at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel.

This briefing is meant to give an overview on how IBM Workplace can transform the way people do business and work. The solution consists of a collaboration of multiple services mainly ranging from emailing, scheduling and calendaring, people awareness, instant messaging, web conferencing, document management, team workplace to content management. It was really impressive to get an insight how a workplace can be more collaborated to be more productive. And most important of all, everything's available On Demand.

It's important that people get timely information when they need it, and know where to get it. I guess this is what IBM meant by On Demand Business. It gives an advantage over your competitors, where timely information means money! It's definitely worthwhile to have the organisation's staff to have the collaborative experience and make it a cornerstone for enhancing work productivity and efficiency.

Generally, the solution is about building a web portal for your oganisation, partners or customers. Business applications together with common office applications (eg. mail, calendar, to-do list, reminders) come in customisable portlets which are assembled into the portal interface. Add on the instant messaging, web conferencing and people awareness features, and your organisation can start communicate real time. To facilitate project team and collaborative work, Team Workplace and Document Management System will come in handy as a central repository for project teams' documents, discussions, task assignment, schedules etc. And to round it off, you have the Content Management module to administer and maintain the whole portal without much hassle.

Sounds complicated isn't it? It doesn't at all. You will appreciate the way it will transform the way you work, and you'll be amazed how it makes your working life easier. And I'm glad that I spared my time to attend today's briefing, not forgetting to mention the yummy desserts and nice food served at the briefing :-)
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